Draft Your All Star Team This Spring

Spring has sprung and outdoor sports are in full swing! Baseball teams are lining up, youth sports are filling the local fields on Saturday mornings, and the trails are full of runners, bikers, and walkers.  After a long winter of hibernation and stagnation, our bodies crave sunshine and fresh air.  The change in seasons is [...]

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Golf: It’s a swing thing

An extreme amount of compressive force, up to 10 times a person’s body weight, is exerted on the spine during the golf swing. Every joint involved in the swing is taken through its maximum range. If the body is not properly prepared to handle these forces, injury will eventually result. There are several avenues of [...]

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Thrive, Not Just Survive, Spring Break Travel

Spring break is here in Geneva, IL and if you are lucky enough to travel somewhere warm, we want you to enjoy your vacation pain-free.  Sitting for long periods of time can take a wear and tear on your body, including your spine. Here are some tips for safe travel by car or plane: Take [...]

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If you are so tired that your tired is tired, then this article is for you!

Although often ignored, sleep quality is one of the pillars of good health, along with exercise and nutrition. Adequate sleep is essential for physical, mental, and emotional health; but in today’s busy world, sleep often takes a backseat. A good night’s sleep is important in helping your body rest, recover and feel good the next [...]

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How to Foam Roll for Maximum Pain Relief

Foam Rolling is a form of self-myofascial release or self-massage. Using a foam roller allows you to target specific areas that only you can feel and helps you to release muscle tension and trigger points.  Benefits of foam rolling include: Better range of motion and increased flexibility Prevent injury Increased blood circulation which improves overall [...]

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Have a more pleasant pregnancy, the natural way

A woman's body goes through countless changes while pregnant, not only hormonally, but also posturally and bio-mechanically. Studies indicate that more than half of soon-to-be mothers experience low back pain as well as irritation of the sciatic nerve. Low back pain is almost imminent during pregnancy. Chiropractic care offers a non-invasive, safe form of care [...]

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Don’t trick your self, use these 10 tips to treat yourself well over the holidays

The holidays are right around the corner and Halloween is just a few days away. What does that mean for most of us? A sharp increase in temptation when it comes to sweets and salty treats. This is the perfect time to review some easy tips to healthy eating. Eat a variety of nutrient-rich foods. [...]

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Soldiers’ Angels “Treats for Troops”

Got Candy? Are you left with a mountain of candy after every Halloween? Perhaps you didn't have as many trick-or-treaters as you anticipated or perhaps your own trick-or-treaters got a few too many treats? Don't let that candy go to waste! Donate your excess candy to Soldiers' Angels "Treats for Troops" program! Soldiers' Angels will [...]

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Ensuring Your Athlete Child is Successful and Injury-Free as Possible

These days children are getting involved in competitive sports sooner than ever. While being a part of a team and playing competitively has many benefits, there is one downside: the risk of overuse. Athletes are constantly demanding more from their bodies, and they often put pressure on very specific parts of their bodies without must [...]

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Five Tips for a Healthy Start to 2015

Five Tips for a Healthier You by: Dr. Brianna Ludeking What’s a better way to ring in the New Year than with a healthier you? Here at Hart Chiropractic we have a few tips to get you started! 1. Hydrate! Drinking water throughout the day is key! The body is made up of millions of [...]

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