Your pre-schooler is potentially being introduced to many new stressors, such as processed foods, extended TV watching, medications and environmental chemicals.

Physical Milestones: Climbing, jumping, bicycling, skating, balancing.

Chiropractic may help these issues/symptoms: Allergies, asthma, moodiness, bedwetting, constipation, diarrhea, Colds & flus.

School Aged Children

School aged children are faced with new physical stressors of sitting at school, new sports I activities being introduced, and the use of technology devices.
In addition, they may start to feel stress from schoolwork, bullying and peer pressure, which can all have an effect on the nervous system.

Physical Milestones: Gaining independence, constant learning, sport specific biomechanics.

Chiropractic may help these issues/symptoms: Growing pains, headaches, belly aches, constipation and diarrhea, respiratory infections, asthma, allergies, lack of balance and coordination, frequent colds, ADD/ADHD, difficulty sleeping and concentrating.