Foam Rolling is a form of self-myofascial release or self-massage. Using a foam roller allows you to target specific areas that only you can feel and helps you to release muscle tension and trigger points.

About The Class

Our focus in this class is helping you to live and move pain free. You will achieve many benefits through foam rolling including:

* Better range of motion and increase flexibility

* Injury Prevention

* Increased blood circulation which improves overall cellular function

* Reduces Cellulite

* Assists in breakdown of lactic acid which minimizes muscle cramps and fatigue

Overall, you will learn how to properly foam roll the entire body.  Modifications will be made to suit your needs as a beginner or as an advanced foam roller looking for new ways to get deeper into the muscles.

Foam Rolling classes are held in our office on twice a month – TBD.

About the Teacher

Nicole Graduated from ASIS in Sedona, AZ in 2011 to begin a career in massage therapy. Her interest in alternative healing modalities and strong desire to help others led her to massage therapy where she feels she found her true calling.

How to Sign-up

Call our office to reserve your spot at 630-262-1421. Drop-in rate for classes at $15. Punch Passes can be bought for 5 classes at $69, 10 classes at $129 or 20 classes at $239.

Nicole teaches a foam rolling class