The sobering truth about back pain is that it will be back, if nothing is done to correct the cause. According to the burro of labor statistics 80% of adults will have an episode of sever back pain during their life time, and of that 80% the episodes of recurrence is 90%. The Statistics also tell us that the number one cause of disability for individuals 40 years old and younger is low back pain. This is why correcting the cause of back pain is so important.

Functional Movement systems

Dr. Hart is certified in FMS

There are three critical aspects to how we look at how the body is performing. Those are balance, alignment and movement (BAM). As chiropractors we promote movement and we use a standard screen called the functional movement evaluation or FMS. We implement the functional movement evaluation to look for risk factors associated with poor biomechanics and abnormal movement during normal activities.  The FMS evaluation is a reliable seven step evaluation with three orthopedic clearing  test, designed to rank movement patterns basic to the normal function of active people. The evaluation helps us identify, rate and rank movement limitations and asymmetries.

The goal of the functional movement evaluation is to resolve these abnormal biomechanics and abnormal movement patterns which are caused by either weakness, a joint injury, associated soft tissue injury, or irritated nerves which are seriously limiting the way the individual moves. Once weaknesses are identified, we set about creating a corrective strategy to restore normal body mechanics and make sure that the pain and problem caused by these abnormalities don’t return.