For those of you that are reality TV fans and have been following the Kardashians, you know that Kim was recently diagnosed with carpal tunnel from doing too many selfies.  In our clinic, we see a lot of patients coming in with a diagnose of carpal tunnel.  As we investigate and talk through their history, we determine that the problem may actually be coming from the repetitive stress of holding the phone in a position that would cause nerve irritation.  Asking us, “Do you have a selfie spine or a healthy spine?” What we are looking at: is it really carpal tunnel or is it just repetitive stress?

Taking a selfie is a repetitive motion often using the same arm and the same stance.  We are holding our phones up high to capture the picture and the pressure builds up on the neck, shoulder, and wrist causing repetitive stress. One of the first things we will do in our office is to take a film and see if that repetitive stress is causing structural changes in the form of misalignment in the spine.  When those structural changes are present, they can put pressure on the nerves and joints.

The goal of chiropractic care is to release the pressure off the nerves and off the joints. And just like it took time for the repetitive stress to cause these structural changes, it is going to take time to see those changes turn back to more of a healthy spine, instead of a selfie spine.

We begin with appropriate spinal adjustments, using the x-ray to determine where you misalignment takes place.  As you get pressure off of those nerves, those “selfie symptoms”, such as pain extending down the arm, will actually begin to dissipate.  With consistent chiropractic care, like spinal adjustments and massage therapy, we will begin to undo the structural changes that presented themselves as carpal tunnel.  And just as it took time for those symptoms to present themselves, it will take time for the structural changes to return to a healthy spine.

Send me a text at 630.262.1421 or request an appointment online, holding your phone at proper height of course, and we will see if you have a selfie spine….or if you have a healthy spine.