Got Candy?

Are you left with a mountain of candy after every Halloween? Perhaps you didn’t have as many trick-or-treaters as you anticipated or perhaps your own trick-or-treaters got a few too many treats? Don’t let that candy go to waste! Donate your excess candy to Soldiers’ Angels “Treats for Troops” program! Soldiers’ Angels will get this candy to our Troops and Veterans for a sweet treat.

We will be collecting here at Hart Chiropractic until November 11th.

  1. Do the troops really want our candy?? YES!!
  2. Halloween candy represents a warm memory of life “back home” and children that care enough to donate candy in support of our troops.

Those troops are risking their lives every day. If a little piece of candy can provide a moment of happiness, why not?

When asked to list some of the top needs for the troops, candy items frequently came up. Most likely they cannot find abroad the candy they are used to in America. Items like Tootsie Rolls, Fun Size M&Ms, and Reese’s Pieces were mentioned along with good old milk chocolate candy bars and hard candy lollipops. Bulk candy cheap and other affordable comforts from home can really help boost morale and help remind them that the people back home are thinking of them and support them.

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