Chiropractor+Personal Trainer+Functional Nutritionist+Massage Therapist+Acupuncturist = YOUR DREAM TEAM to better health.

Give us 8 weeks and we’ll change the rest of your life!

The health epidemic plaguing our world is overwhelming. That’s why 8 Weeks to Wellness® is a vital program for people all around the world. 8 Weeks to Wellness® is a comprehensive wellness program that optimizes what people think about, how they eat and supplement, and how they exercise and care for their body through a specific, comprehensive 8-week program.​ Through the program we continue to consistently see drastic reductions in weight, body fat, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, cholesterol and other blood lipids, as well as waist and hip measurements.

How do you measure wellness?

KEY components to the 8WW program: Chiropractic, Fitness, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Acupuncture, Massage, Spinal Decompression
What’s right for you? Your Day 1/Day 2 will reveal which components make up your custom 8WW plan. How does the doctor know what I need? Your Day 1 appointment is a fact-finding exam to measure your wellness. Your Day 2 will go over the results and the custom 8WW program built just for you!

8WW Whole Body Care

You can’t medicate your way out of a problem that you behaved your way into.

Lack of symptoms or feeling good is not an effective barometer to measure your health.

That’s where the WELLNESS SCORE comes in. This is a scoring system developed to track and measure your physiology and function. It actually gives you a grade, A through F. We measure what we call biomarkers of health.

Let’s look at our example:
Here is one of our patients who came for our 8WW program. His why story is like many of our patients.
“I lost my father a year ago from heart disease and diabetes. I watched the last 15 years of his life living in misery and dependent on my mother for everything.  I don’t want this for my life.
I want to be a blessing not a burden for my family as I age.” –Matt

Through the program we continue to consistently see reduction in:

  • overall weight
  • body fat
  • blood pressure
  • blood glucose levels
  • cholesterol
  • other blood lipids
  • waist and hip size
  • emotional stress
  • medications needed

Is 8WW right for me?

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8 Weeks to Wellness ® is an eight-week program that focuses on health not sickness.

What exactly do I get with the 8WW program?

  • Day 1 discovery exam with the doctor
  • Day 2 results consultation to discuss the custom built 8WW program!
  • A custom blood panel pre and post 8WW program
  • One on one fitness and body composition session pre and post program
  • One on one functional nutrition session pre and post program
  • 8 weeks of Chiropractic care with our head doctor, Dr Hart!
  • 8 weeks of functional nutrition counseling with Angie Stastny, RDN
  • 8 weeks of high-quality supplements + meal shakes all made in the USA
  • 8 weeks of functional fitness with one of our functional trainers on staff
  • 8 weeks of guided mediation and mindfulness exercises
  • 8 weeks of a combination (Massage/Acupuncture/Spinal Decompression)